Hey, Y'all!

Yes, I'm an SLP, and yes, I said y'all! While I do have that all-important code-switching skill, I prefer to speak to my friends (and readers) in my southern voice. I just think that makes it a bit more fun and personal. Welcome to my blog!

For my first post, I am relying on a former grad school professor's favorite saying, 
"KISS" or "Keep It Simple, Sweetie" (or Stupid-depending on your mood I guess). To that end, this is what I hope to offer on The Speech Peach blog:

  • Speech and language therapy ideas and FREEBIES
  • Helpful classroom hints and tips
  • A few of my favorite things

Thanks for stopping by! Please check back soon for my next post. I'm thinking a quick tutorial for making interactive books on Powerpoint. Sound interesting or not so much? Comments are appreciated!


  1. So glad I came across your blog. It looks great and I like all of your posts so far. Can't wait to see what else you write about and what products you create! (I love looking for TPT products despite being a grad student haha).
    Also, where did you get the 'Georgia blogger' button? I've been trying to find one for Pennsylvania but haven't had luck figuring out where everyone gets those buttons!

    -Trina, from Look Who's Talking http://lookwhoslp.blogspot.com

  2. Hey, Trina! I'm so excited to gain a new follower! Thanks for your comment. If you click on the GA blogger button, it will take you to a page on Fifth in the Middle's blog. From there, you can add your blog and get the image for your blog. Good luck with grad school, and I am off to follow you back!

  3. I saw the "M.Ed." and immediately thought that you went to grad school in Ga.! I took my first grad school class (stats) from W. Ga.; I was going to go there for my Master's, but they dissolved the program. I was glad to see they brought it back! I lived in Dalton & ended up going to Ga. State.


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