Talk Like a Pirate Linky

Ahoy, mateys! In case you were not aware, SLPs love “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” which happens to be September 19. I don’t know if it is because pirates are known to say “arrrrr” and we work on that r phoneme so stinking much or what, but all of the SLPs I know are celebrating the scurvy dogs (also known as pirates) this week! I am linking up with Tracy Morlan of Gold Country SLP to bring you some swashbuckling ideas in honor of this legendary day.

First up, I only have one pirate resource in my TPT store. The good news is it is FREE and you can find it here: Print and Go Speech Seeks and Language Looks: Pirate-themed Reinforcers

I also have a Pinterest board dedicated to those buccaneers and you can find that here: .

Now for other treasures you can find on TPT:

This comprehensive Speech and Language Therapy Pack: Pirates from Sounds Like Fun:
I have seen all of these activities in action and they are ARRR-Mazing!

The Speech Attic’s Pirates Practice for Vocalic R:
Erin provides plenty of practice for that pesky vocalic r with adorable pirate friends. Also, it is FREE!

Pirate QuickDrill from Mia McDaniel:
Mia also includes pirate-themed targets for articulation practice. Shiver-me-timbers!

I hope this treasure map leads you straight to some helpful materials! If you are still looking for some plunder, take a look at Tracy's Pirate Linky for additional ideas!

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