Quick and Easy Scheduling Tips

Well, y’all, it is that time of year again-time to schedule your speech students. Before you start feeling that migraine coming on, I want to share two quick tips that may help you, your students, and your teachers manage the speech schedule. These tips won’t work for everyone (of course they won’t!), but they have made this difficult task a little easier for me.

Quick Tip for Making Your Schedule: Schedule Speech for Classroom Transition Times
This tip works especially well for my fifteen minute articulation groups. As much as I can, I try to pull them right after or right before exploratory/encore/specials, recess, lunch, and other times where the whole class is getting ready to transition to another subject or area in the building. They are missing very little academic time, these are easy times to remember, and often the rest of the class is putting away materials, using the restroom, etc.
Quick Tip for Getting Your Students at the Scheduled Time: Have the Classroom Teacher Set an Alarm
One of my regular education second grade teachers actually came up with this idea. She sets an alarm on her smart phone.  She has several of my students, so for the alarm label she puts their speech days and names. The first week she tells the kids to go to speech when the alarm goes off. By the second week, the kids know what the alarm means, and when it dings, they just get up, leave the room quietly, and come to speech. This works best with grades 2-8. Many teachers will probably think this would be too distracting for the class, but it actually keeps them from having to interrupt the class to send the kids and from having to remember the schedule. It is a win-win for us.

I hope these tips have been useful! Comment below with any other strategies you’ve found for keeping the schedule nightmares away.

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