Dog Days of Speech Therapy

Hello, everyone! I hope you are all surviving the heat of this summer! Growing up, I often heard the hottest part of summer referred to as “dog days.” Apparently, the original dog days were used in Greek and Roman astrology to refer to the time period for the rising of the star Sirius (the dog star). Recent research (on Wikipedia) revealed that the time frame for the dog days of summer varies, but if you use the term for July-August in the United States, you are probably using it correctly. You are especially using it correctly if you are referring to the miserable, hot, humid, sweltering weather here in the Southern US (according to me, anyway).

To help you survive these dog days, I want to share with you some ideas for using a dog theme in speech therapy. Most people like dogs, and this is a theme that works well for all ages (preschool-high school and beyond).

First of all, I LOVE using books in therapy, and these are great for a dog theme:

My second recommendation comes from a colleague whose students CONSTANTLY request this game: Doggie Doo! I get a little grossed out, so I haven't played it, but her kids think it is hilarious.

For the littlest littles, I like to use toys such as a vet kit or pet grooming kit with stuffed dogs in play therapy.

For larger groups of elementary-aged kids, “Doggy, Doggy, Where is your Bone” is a good game to use to target speech and language goals while having fun.

For middle school, I frequently use the site Several great news stories starring or about awesome dogs can be found there. Another idea that would be interesting for older kids, teenagers, or adults would be to research dog breeds for compare and contrast, describing, etc. The American Kennel Club has this information on its website.

As always, dozens (maybe even hundreds) of craftivities can be found on Pinterest. Some of my favorites can be found here.
Lastly, there are tons of resources on Teachers Pay Teachers as well. For an easy packet that targets multiple speech and language goals, take a look at my Dog Days Pack. It works well for PK-2nd grade.

I hope you have found something useful and fun for your kids/students/clients during the last half of summer! If you have any other doggy ideas for speech therapy, comment below. Have a fantastic week!
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