Quick Tip-A Truly "EPIC" Resource

What? Another blogpost so soon? Yes, y’all! While exploring the wide world of Pinterest tonight (and trying unsuccessfully to learn how to use it from a business standpoint), I came across something unbelievably fantastic! It was a sponsored pin from a company called Epic. Apparently it is “like Netflix for books.” That was the tagline, anyway. As I am still trying to figure it out, I can’t say whether that is true, but get this: IT IS FREE FOR EDUCATORS!!! From what I can tell so far, there is a huge selection of great books.

You can find this amazing resource at www.getepic.com. It can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones. All I needed was my school email to join. Once I created my account, I was able to browse by age and subject. Some of the books have a “read to me” option as well. Another useful feature is the option to create reader profiles for your students. They can complete various challenges to earn badges. It seems to work a little better on my iPhone than my laptop, and I haven’t had a chance to check the iPad version. Like I said before, I’m still learning about it, but I thought you all should have that opportunity too. Let me know what you think! Happy Reading!


Dare to Dream

. Hello everyone! Week 2 of our TPT Seller Challenge is underway with the topic of “Dare to Dream.” I have really struggled with this post, but probably not for the reasons you might think. I am a natural born “big dreamer.” Growing up, I firmly believed I could do anything I wanted to do in life, and I had fantastic goals to go with that belief. As an adult, I have learned that I can’t exactly do ANYTHING due to practicality and responsibility, but I still tend to dream big. It was difficult for me to narrow down what I really want from Teachers Pay Teachers.

I began selling to earn enough to buy the things I wanted to buy from TPT and to buy enough ink to print them. I’ve met that goal, at least, so what now?

1.   Give Back-I would love to make enough to give enough to make a huge impact for a charity. I give when and where I can, but it always feels like it isnt enough to matter.

2.   Be Debt Free- I would love to pay off all credit cards and that impossible student loan I have.

3.   Take an Awesome Vacation-It has always been one of my dreams to visit Ireland. My daughter inherited that dream, so Id like for the two of us to take the trip with my mom.

4.  Home-This is going to sound a little selfish, but here goes. I really dont like where I live. When we bought the house, we had the intention of upgrading in a few years. Unfortunately, the housing market took a turn for the worse, I was furloughed several days of several school years, and my husband’s hours were cut considerably. The economy is improving, but we feel sort of stuck where we are.

I have been incredibly blessed already through the TPT world. I have met my initial goal and have made a lot of new friends. Any dreams realized now would be icing on the cake!

Thank you to these awesome bloggers for hosting this challenge:

I’d love to hear your dreams as well! Leave a comment below, and tell me about them.



Hey, y’all!

I know I mentioned posting a tutorial for interactive PowerPoint books last week, but I have linked up with the lovely and talented ladies hosting the four-week long TPT Seller Challenge. Therefore, I am veering off my intended path to participate in the first challenge: Makeover Madness!

Makeover Madness requires participants to make over something from their Teachers Pay Teachers stores and share the changes with others. Luckily, I have been working on updating many of my older products already. I realized that I have added much better clip art and fonts to my inventory and have (hopefully) improved my PowerPoint/PDF skills since I began my store. When I look back at some of my previous attempts, I am frankly a little embarrassed. Here are some examples of FREEBIES I have already changed:

I have added a few others as well-you can see the them here. If you happen to already own them, you can re-download the new and improved versions for free.

For this week's challenge, I have been "remodeling" my Dog Days Language and Speech PackIt took forever, but it now has a new name, new look, and the addition of quantitative and qualitative concepts!

All of my updated products can be found here and are HALF off until Wednesday, so grab them for some easy and fun therapy ideas for summer or the very beginning of school. Comment below with your email address before midnight Wednesday, and I’ll choose one random person to receive an updated product of your choice FREE!

I am off to update all of my social media now. Enjoy!


Hey, Y'all!

Yes, I'm an SLP, and yes, I said y'all! While I do have that all-important code-switching skill, I prefer to speak to my friends (and readers) in my southern voice. I just think that makes it a bit more fun and personal. Welcome to my blog!

For my first post, I am relying on a former grad school professor's favorite saying, 
"KISS" or "Keep It Simple, Sweetie" (or Stupid-depending on your mood I guess). To that end, this is what I hope to offer on The Speech Peach blog:

  • Speech and language therapy ideas and FREEBIES
  • Helpful classroom hints and tips
  • A few of my favorite things

Thanks for stopping by! Please check back soon for my next post. I'm thinking a quick tutorial for making interactive books on Powerpoint. Sound interesting or not so much? Comments are appreciated!
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